Singin' In The Rain - Edinburgh

Singin' In The Rain - Edinburgh

ב Edinburgh Festival Theatre

It’s the roaring '20s and 'talkies' are about to become the next big thing. It could spell bad news for silent movie stars, particularly handsome ham Don Lockwood and his gratingly screechy-voiced leading lady Lina Lamont. Lockwood casts about for a solution to his thorny dilemma, and in golden-throated young chorus girl Kathy it looks like he may have found it. But not if the scheming Lina has her way. You’ll root for her to get her just deserts, for the film to be a hit and for Don to finally realise that he and Kathy are meant to be, at this wonderful stage adaptation of a beloved movie classic. Direct from the West End, this superbly enjoyable production of Singin’ in the Rain is a smash hit with critics and audiences alike. It tells the story of the first Hollywood musical, when the silver screen found its voice and left silent movies – and some of its stars – behind. Screen star Maxwell Caulfield plays studio boss R F Simpson and Steps & West End leading lady Faye Tozer is the 'uniquely voiced' starlet Lina Lamont in this classic show. Full of high energy choreography and sumptuous set design (including 12,000 litres of water), it showers you with everything you could wish for in a hit musical.


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